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Who we are?

Parakino Studio, founded in 2013, has gained prominence in the cinema industry with several acclaimed productions. Our short “Salt(Sal)” (2016), winner at the Gramado Film Festival in Brazil, has garnered awards at various international and national festivals. “My Dead Ones (Segredo de Davi)” (2018), premiered at the Montreal Festival, a feature film starring Nicolas Prattes. “Way Back Home (A Volta para Casa)” (2019), short film featuring Lima Duarte, won over 20 awards worldwide. “Knitting (O Novelo)” which achieved an unprecedented record at the 49th Gramado Film Festival in 2021.

On television, the studio is known for the reality show “Rio Bar Brasil” at the FX channel (Fox Channels). In 2022, partnering with Camisa Listrada Filmes, achieved further success with the Netflix Original feature film “Beyond Universe (Depois do Universo)”becoming the most-watched Brazilian film on Netflix worldwide, remaining in the Top 10 for 8 weeks.

Celebrating their 11th anniversary, partners Luciano Reck and Heber Gutierrez are rebranding and repositioning the company. In this new phase, we operate from São Paulo, Los Angeles, and Lisbon, putting efforts in fiction and documentary projects that delivery Brazil, its stories and talents, aiming to gather international integration through co-productions and investments in universal stories and themes.

Additionally, we are launching this new era with our distribution company branch.